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New member in GVRD
« on: Jul 27, 18, 11:32 »
Ran into a guy yesterday and we got talking cars, he recommended I pop in here and sign up. I don't do many meets or anything but might drop in at one or two, most likely you'll see me around at autocross or some trackdays but usually I'll be there in the e30.

I'm new to VW group and just picked up a Golf R with 6spd manual in copper orange metallic. I come from a history in the BMW side of things and primarily on the older models with about 7 e30's in my past and a lot of time around the 1990's/2000's. Doubt I'll do much extensive modding with the new Golf beyond minor tweaks and a couple cosmetic items for at least the length of the warranty. I plan to pick up OBD11 pro sometime soon to do recoding though.

The golf replaced a 2007 Z4M Coupe as a more realistic daily driver car

I couldn't give up my older cars so I still have my S52 swapped e30 which I'm currently re-doing to add full wire-in LINK ECU, redoing the interior to delete the extras and make a new harness, and a bunch of engine work to fix some things I wasn't happy about, moving from rubber to poly chassis bushings, etc. (The wing in some of my pictures is not actually installed, just storing it there)

Lastly, my bike is a 2008 KTM Superduke 990. It has a few minor upgrades that I did over the years like uprated rear spring from the 990 R, HyperPro adaptive steering damper, Akrapovic exhaust, emissions/purge deletion, Rottweiler intake and a custom tune for about 115hp peak and 75lb.ft with an extended rev range

EDIT: Looks like pictures don't show up, here's a simple gallery link
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Re: New member in GVRD
« Reply #1 on: Jul 28, 18, 08:53 »
Welcome! Golf R is a good choice. :)


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Re: New member in GVRD
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