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MK2 / Re: 91 MK2 Cab fuel pump keeps running with key off
« Last post by Autohau5 on Jun 09, 21, 18:53 »
Sounds like a bad ECM keeping the injectors open and fuel pump running. How are your engine grounds? Specifically the large one from battery to transmission? If that ground is poor, the injector driver in the ECM melts and locks the injectors full open constantly.
MK2 / 91 MK2 Cab fuel pump keeps running with key off
« Last post by torque24 on Jun 06, 21, 08:44 »

91 VW Cab was a daily driver
No start - key on fuel pump primes but keeps running and excessive pool of fuel filling cylinders with key off
removed all plugs and found cylinders full of fuel - drained engine oil and manually cranked engine to drain all

Mk2 Parts / Re: Digifant ECU
« Last post by torque24 on Jun 06, 21, 08:03 »

Is this still available by any chance?

Car Audio Classifieds / Wanted: Radio for my 92 Jetta.
« Last post by Gogga on Jun 04, 21, 18:15 »
My OEM radio died today. I would like to replace it with a used unit with aux. port on face...or replacement OEM. My preference would be for the seller to install it for me.
5x100 Wheels / Re: BBS LM 147 w/ Bridgestone RE-71r
« Last post by T~Roc on Jun 03, 21, 00:40 »

Prefer 4100 wheels if you have any?
Mk1 Parts / Re: Selling MK1 parts hoard $200
« Last post by T~Roc on Jun 03, 21, 00:30 »
Just saw a Caddy sell on fb.
Have you signed up yet?
Only reason I signed up on it is to network the clubs and find things I need.
Appreciate if you're giving up, but if there's a slight yearn to still get one ya should open an account.
Mk2 Dubz for Sale / wtb mk2 vr6
« Last post by BigAL on Jun 01, 21, 01:28 »
wtb mk2 vr6 in good shape.... no time to deal with half finished projects. dm me with info.
Shop Talk / Broken valve spring suggestion
« Last post by allcity on May 20, 21, 18:01 »
Hi guys, just wanted some advice on a broken valve spring. I have a 2015 golf 1.8t. car started shaking and EPC and check engine light came on. Towed to dealer. Upon diagnostic they found a broken valve spring on #2 intake valve. Now, for some advice. Option to replace valve spring and hope for the best. Or replace cylinder head as not sure if there is damage down below. Or Remove cylinder head and send to machine shop for test/repairs. Either way it's costly and I don't want to replace the cylinder head.
Any advice is appreciated.
Mk2 Parts / Re: Looking for mk2 scirocco or Corrado front seats
« Last post by Golf1crazy on May 17, 21, 17:35 »
Still looking
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