Author Topic: VW Volkswagen GCVWS Show car display stand  (Read 433 times)

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VW Volkswagen GCVWS Show car display stand
« on: Apr 27, 21, 15:48 »
This stand is the perfect addition for you show car.

It is a factory VW dealership stand that has been custom powder coated gloss back on the main stand and the floating piece is matte black.

It also has custom matte black vinyl Porsche GT3 RS checkers running vertically.

It has the German flag coloured insert in the gloss black VW logo.

Don't show your VW with that shitty piece of paper in the window. Do like the pro's do and do it right.

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Re: VW Volkswagen GCVWS Show car display stand
« Reply #1 on: Apr 29, 21, 08:47 »
I've got 2 I've been using over the years. I left mine outside over the winter to try and get some matching patina going on.

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