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MK1 hesitation
« on: May 28, 20, 05:28 »
I was parked on a very steep hill facing down. And after I drove off the caddy was kind of hesitating a bit and not as responsive. Is it possible I got debris stuck in the fuel filter. I've ordered a new filter and was researching a noticed that the tank may also have a filter but I can't find diagrams of the caddy gas tank.

Does anyone know if caddy's have a filter in the gas tank near the fuel sender? Or does anyone have any idea why the truck would not run aswell after being parked on a steep hill.

 I did play around with the air/fuel mixture and it seems to surge (more response) at 3000rpm as before it would at 2000rpm. Also before I parked it on the steep hill I drove from Surrey to mission and it drove great.

Any help would be great


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Re: MK1 hesitation
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 20, 08:45 »
Nm...I think it may be caused be clutch slippage