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Air fuel setting
« on: Aug 04, 18, 19:01 »
Hi. I was trying to adjust my air fuel mixture today with a dwell/duty cycle meter. But I don't have a lambda connector with the blue/white wire.

So I tried connecting it to the ignition coil. I got really weird readings.

Anyone know where that blue/white wire originates from?

It's an 84 cabby 1.8 8v


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Re: Air fuel setting
« Reply #1 on: Aug 05, 18, 08:47 »
On an 84 the connector should be around the right strut tower, two pin white/clear connector I believe. Connecting your dwell meter to your coil would only give you RPMs if set to the tach setting.

You need a CO sniffer to properly set the mixture. This will get you mostly there. Make sure your plugs/cap/rotor are good, cam and ignition timing are right, and no vacuum leaks before you start.
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Re: Air fuel setting
« Reply #2 on: Aug 06, 18, 16:15 »
Thanks for the info. Timing looks good. Didnt find any vacuum leaks with carb cleaner. Still can't find a lambda test port (Dont have an oxygen sensor). I was getting a lot of hesitation in second gear below 2000 rpm. So I turned the air/fuel mixture screw 1/8 richer at a time and drove it. Seems to be solved now. Now to fix a million other things 😬