4" duckbill for MK1 Caddy not fit??

Started by rockdog, Nov 19, 21, 10:20

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I have a 1981 mk1 Caddy. I bought a 4" duckbill for it, but it does not fit? Starnge, anyone have an idea what my issue might be?
I've looked at lots of pics and watched an installation video. The Bill I bought is 47.25 inches long, just like in the video. But the shape seems wrong. My valence is original and not warped or damaged.

Thanks in advance..


Looks like lots of views but no reply's. To those interested, I had to modify the duck bill in order to make it fit the front end of my caddy. I did a bit of research and for some reason 1981 is a year that these may not fit without mods. But its on and looks good so I'm happy.


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