FS: 2007 MK5 GTI Reflex silver **PRICE DROP**

Started by mk3dubz, Aug 09, 15, 18:04

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The time has come that I'm putting my meticulously well maintained 2007 Mk5 reflex silver GTI up for sale.  I've owned the car for 2.5 years.  I bought the car with 140,000KM and the car has now 173,600KM on it. In that time I have put a lot of money and time into it to get the car I wanted.  Oil changes are done every 8,000KM.

I have receipts for everything done, and all work done at Autospiel mechanics shop.
The following are the upgrades I've done:

Cam follower replaced at - 161,388KM
Oil/Oil filter changed at 165,919KM
Transmission fluid changed at - 158,389KM
New fuel filter replaced at - 146,000KM
New cabin air filter replaced at - 149,500KM
Intake valves cleaned at - 151,500KM
New radiator replaced at - 161,388KM
New AC recharge done at - 163,000KM
New CV boots replaced at - 158,500KM
New front brake pads replaced at - 158,500KM
CTS Turbo 3" Intake
CTS Turbo 3" downpipe
CTS Turbo 3" exhaust with high-flow cat
CTS Turbo noise pipe delete
CTS Turbo PCV revamp replaced at - 161,388KM
CTS Turbo Short shift kit
CTS Turbo K04 Turbo replaced at 161,388KM
CTS Turbo S3 injectores replaced at 161,388KM
CTS Turbo Intercooler core dimensions: 23.00 Length x 2.00" Tall x 16.5" Height - 161,388KM
Autotech High pressure fuel pump replaced at - 161,388KM
Clutch masters FX 300 clutch replaced at - 171,000KM
Revo Stage 3 tune

RNS510 OEM Touchscreen - added at 155,000KM

New rear bulbs replaced at - 149,500KM
New antenna, and antenna base replaced at - 149,500KM
MK5 GTI Badgeless grill
MK5 GTI Open air vent fogs
Laminex yellow fog covers
ST coil overs - 30,000KM on them

Wheels and tires
18x8.5 et42 SL14 Klutch wheels - Nitto Neogen 205/40/18 tires
18x9.5 et 45 SL14 Klutch wheels - Nitto Neogen 215/40/18 tires
76 to 56.1 hub adapters
20 cone seat style lugs silver polish

This car has given me so many memories in the time I've owned it and you'll be able to create many more when you put your foot on the pedal and feel the surge of power this car has.  It's been rated at 340 Horsepower, with torque numbers at 315.  I put 94 Octane fuel in the car for optimal performance as well.

The car comes with a extra set of wheels and tires for winter and MANY extra OEM parts as well.

Looking for $12,750


Located in Victoria, British Columbia


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bump for a super clean build and a mint GTI


Just added a photo from September. Car just has winter wheels on it now.


So the price drop has actually went up in price?


surprised nobody has snagged this gem!


Brand new Clutch masters fx300 clutch installed at 170,000KM.




Summer tires going on this weekend.

Extremely motivated to sell as I have some bills to pay. 

Make an offer, worst I can say is no


Just put summer tires back on, all cleaned up