Lost Ark Gaining Rapport With Thunder

Started by Skyzhay, Jun 13, 22, 23:52

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The Adventurer's Tome keeps track of all these collections. This keeps the exploration interesting allows players to find rare monsters, and keeps minds active instead of just slogging through game experience. The task of finding all Mokobo seeds found in Lakebar could sound like a burden but it's actually a great part of the leveling journey.

Lost Ark Gaining Rapport With Thunder

The majority of the day-to-day tasks that are performed in Lost Ark are a riot. Instead of doing collection missions or boring tasks players are assigned dungeons they need to beat. There are dailies to do as a group or on your own that are fun. However, that enjoyment comes to a standstill when people are not able to complete assignments.

In the end, players seek to build a strong relationship with the NPCs that are in the game. This means visiting each one, offering gifts in exchange for emotes, or playing music. It's busywork that is severely off-putting in a sport that is in constant awareness that work is not done.

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