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Mk2 Jetta 'build'
« on: Dec 23, 16, 14:40 »
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First post, first Mk2, first world problems!

So the story starts with a purchase of a broken 91 Jetta with a 1.8 8v digi 2. Dead cheap and dead fuel pumps. Has heaps of new parts on it so I didn't really mind it wasn't a runner for the price. Picked it up in the snow, towed it 10 km home, chucked the key in the ignition, heard at least one pump prime, gave it a whirl and hilariously it fired up and it runs! Now I bought this at the wrong time of the year, the weather sucks, I have no money because some clown decided December was the time to spend all your money on other people and not the impulse buy sat on the driveway!

So this is going to be a slow burner.

Ive already had it running and moving. I had a few high idle issues with it, that I seem to have sorted out. It idles a tad lumpy but smooth enough, at least its not ticking over at 1500 rpm anymore. I've adjusted the timing by ear (waiting to get a timing light) so it doesn't miss through the rev range and all systems seem CTS in, Vac hoses seem ok but when the rain stops I'll be checking/replacing for piece of mind more than anything else. It seems to be ok at the moment, but when I get it on the road, I want to know its reliable.
Now a few questions.
The thing cut out on me the other night, when it did, the idle went pretty nuts, bogging out, i jumped in the car and could hear the fuel pump struggling, sounding like it was straining and full of rocks. It has a brand new fuel filter, and when it cut out, it was showing about an 8th of a tank left....does this mean the lift pump in the tank is goosed? How would I check it? I tried disconnecting the fuel pumps separately, but then nothing works. I would like to make sure the pumps are running, or replace only one if needs be. I dont want to run the high pressure pump into the floor as thats $200 I could avoid spending. The only thing is I am struggling to find the lift pump to purchase, any idea where to get one and if its a fuel pump that is a standard one shared across many different vehicle lines?

After the heart is ironed out, the other fun begins. Her rear shocks seem to be nailed as she sits low at the back compared to the front, so hopefully get her sat nice and stiff on some coilovers. Does anyone have any for sale, or recommend a decent set of budget ones? It doesnt need to be race ready, I want a driveable stiff ride with a decent stance. I dont want to be belly scraping, or arch rubbing, Just a decent low look. I figure if Im sorting out the saggy rear end, may as well just go straight for some coilovers??

I also would like a muffler delete, I was toying with the idea of a side exit, straight off the resonator and exiting infront of drivers side rear wheel. or just straight pipe out the standard point. Not looking for performance yet, just a bit of a burble and pop. Something to smile about.

Then wheels, currently Ive got her on teardrops that need a lot of tlc and new winter tires, going to go gunmetal on these and then swap out for some nicely dished Konig Rewinds in the summer with a decent stretched tire (I used to have a few minis back in England, the rewinds will bring a bit of mini class to the project, aka minilite copies!)

The good ol' 'Tornado Red' is a mix of shiny red, dull red and Tornado Pink!! Might take a trip to Bellingham next year for a go at Maaco and make her look like less of a joke. Also all the plastic trim will be painted back to a form of black...not white/grey!

Interior, sort the speakers out and actually install a headunit! I want nice 3 spoke OMP/momo/nardi or whatever China has to offer on ebay steering wheel, find a golfball gear knob (my dad had a few mk1's and 2's when I was a kid and I loved the fact they had 'golf ball' gear knobs!!) Now the seats are terrible, and the carpet stinks and is coming out to let the car was sat in rain snow and ice for a long time and definitely smells like it! Might clean up the original carpet or order new stuff. Like I said at the start, its going to be a while before its all done and dusted!

Anyone know of where I can get decent seats, GTI recaro's or similar seats from other cars that would fit with minimal modding? Interior is grey at the moment, grey isnt very nice.
Maybe I'll go for a 'Euro' roof rack too....hmmm  :toothy:
I have a welder, a fair bit of experience with cars, just not VW's and I have a bentley. If any of you guys and girls know any vital information (especially fuel pumps and coilovers) please let me know. And anyone interested in following this 'build', thanks in advance for your patience, and it will most likely change directions many times....who knows, maybe I'll just buy a cam and headers before actually driving it. Anything can happen.

Merry Christmas!
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Re: Mk2 Jetta 'build'
« Reply #1 on: Dec 23, 16, 15:34 »
Here ya go

MK3 seats will fit if you swap the bases, so that opens up your options a lot. Best cheap fit for your car would probably be a jetta flair interior.

Please don't dump this car on Chinese coilovers with prolapsed anus style tires and maaco paint. Original paint will buff up nicely if done properly.

A few good rub ins of "back to black" trim restorer will really help bring it back. Put it on light in multiple coats over weeks to avoid having it look greasy.
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