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Basic Golf GTI knowledge
« on: May 22, 15, 23:03 »
 :stupid: Hey there I just bought a 1996 VR6 and I don't know much about it. My first question is, what MK is my engine, and what are the significant differences between different VR6 marks?


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Re: Basic Golf GTI knowledge
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 15, 23:09 »
Your GTI is a MK3. It is the 3rd Genetation of Golfs sold here between 1993-1999. The VR6 is the motor it's equipped with and has nothing to do with its MK ( which is short for MarK, another way to say Generation )
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Re: Basic Golf GTI knowledge
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 15, 11:26 »
you have a 12v VR6 in a MK3 Golf.  SUPER fun car to drive and have, but can be a bit troublesome with various wiring and other issues they have.

I loved my 1997 I had, so smooth and fun!