Author Topic: FS: Mint 2016 VW Manx PROFESSIONALLY BUILT Mint VIRTUALLY Brand New - $12.5k  (Read 2643 times)

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Ultimate Summer Toy

BC Assigned VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) June 2016
Safety Inspection complete and passed June 2016
Altered status Registered and Insured

100% street legal

Pan up build from a 1971 VW Beetle (pictures of build available)
1600 Duel port engine with single carb less than 1k on engine
Adjustable front end

Manx knockoff Fiberglass body - Best design out there
Colour matching side pods giving it that speedster look
Black colour mixed with fiberglass at time of blowing... so... Black all the way through
Seats 4 Adults... the two in the back have no leg room but... they're in the back.
Back seat great for kids.

Beetle Instrumentation and Lighting
Wolfsburg Steering wheel
Checker Plate Aluminum floor
Stainless Steel roll bar
Stainless Steel front bumper

Empi rims with profile rake
Full set of stock 15 Inch VW rims and tires

Even a skull gear shifter knob.

All buggies like this (built from a beetle with a fiberglass body) must have an altered status with ICBC. If the one you are looking at does not have a BC assigned VIN and an altered status you are only asking for issues. I had this built for me and found out the hard way.

If you have read this far you have been looking for one of these for awhile now and know quality in a buggy when you see it or even hear about it.
I did my research, paid the price, had a lot of fun and continue to do so.

This will not go to just anybody.
No test pilots.
Serious Inquiries
Listing for a friend - This thing is mint and awesome


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Ohhhhhhhhh man.  I love these things so hard.   $12k is definitely not in the budget though, unfortunately.


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any trades considered?
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