Author Topic: Set of four MK5 Classix - 17 x 7 w/Conti's  (Read 3750 times)

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Set of four MK5 Classix - 17 x 7 w/Conti's
« on: Nov 25, 18, 00:44 »
Just bought a Rabbit and previous owner put these Classix (I think they're called?) MK5 GTI rims on the car.  They're actually a nice wheel, so I'm not 100% sure I'm doing this (unless you want them!) - but I'm looking for some nice 18's to fill the wells better.

They are in good shape, though there is age related scuffs here and there on a couple.  Nothing too heinous and I'll probably touch them up the next day or two to make them look better.  I'd rate them an easy 8.5.  No bends or anything, obviously.

Tires are decent - probably nearing half life?  I'd say about 55-60% remaining treadlife.  They're Continentals all around - 225/45/17.  No damage/plugs/weird camber wear.

I am asking $400 for the full set and live in south Van.