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Assorted Passat Parts
« on: Jul 08, 18, 10:55 »
Slowly but surely tearing away at my B4 as I do my swap and trying to get rid of some bits that I donít need anymore.

I will be adding more parts later on, and as I pick through the car, so follow the post if youíre interested. Or you can PM me something I might have that youíre looking for.

The vehicle is a 1996 Passat Variant (Wagon) so anything from the back seats towards the rear is up for grabs! Hereís some bits that Iíve pulled already and extras I have lying around..

$100 - B3/B4 Wagon BLACK Cargo Cover And rails.
Good Condition, missing the flap at the end that covers the rods.
All mounting screws available.
Would like to sell as a set, but I will separate them if thereís interest in both.
Also have a tan Cargo cover available.

$10 - B4 Passat exterior window seal
Good Condition, no cracks. Pulled as an extra.

$10 - B4 lower front grille plastic.
Good Condition, doesnít appear to be missing clips.

FREE - B5 Passat grey cloth headrests (set of 5)
If you need em, come get them.

$50 - B4 VR6 Rad support and green Grille surround.
Got them to attempt to fix the cars front end but went a different direction. Paid more but I just want them gone.

B4 US spec headlights - $40
Might be a clip or two missing, but theyíre in decent condition.

B4 Passat Wagon Smoked Taillights.
Looking to trade these if possible, for a set of similar B3 Sedan Tail Lights or a nice set of B3 headlights, something other than stock, possibly an odd B3 Front Grille as well. No price set yet, Iíd like to see whatís out there. (NO Leaky Chinese stuff, please!)

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Re: Assorted Passat Parts
« Reply #1 on: Jul 15, 18, 13:02 »
Update! Have the headliner pulled.
Now available for purchase; no breaks or cracks, just a little dirty from fingerprints.
$40 OBO

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'01 Passat Wagon 1.8T // '90 Porsche 944 S2 Convertible
Past Projects - '88 Scirocco 16V // '96 Passat TDI Variant (RIP)