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Detour for southbound traffic is from Tillicum to Burnside to Douglas.

Just before 11am Thursday, Victoria and Saanich Police received multiple calls of a semi-truck that had apparently crashed into the front of the Red Lion Inn, at 3366 Douglas Street.

The vehicle had toppled a tree and the body of the truck appeared to be smoking. Fire services quickly arrived on scene. The driver appeared to have been uninjured, but was later taken away by ambulance.

According to Saanich Police, the road will hopefully be reopened by noon. No word on what caused the driver to lose control of the truck.

Brenden Kelly who works at Suburban Motors Ford tells us, “It shook the whole dealership and it was heard in the service department, which is quite a ways away. Smoke was coming from the engine of the truck and the driver appeared to be okay, sitting down in front of the Red Lion. Emergency response was there within 5 minutes. They’re still trying to find out exactly what happened, it appears the truck either lost control or was avoiding another vehicle and ran over a huge tree, then tipped over.”
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Spotted: In front of the Red Lion: A raging semi.     :rofl:
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