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Re: More ICBC Fuckery
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No you can't, it's a common misconception. If you sell your old car at the same time as you are buying a new car then you can use your old plates for 10 days on the new car, if you still own the old car, you can't.


"You can drive your "new" vehicle using the licence plates from your old one for 10 days from the date of purchase if all of these conditions are met:

This is correct. The dealership we worked at Dallas use to do this (not knowing is one story and another cause they dont care) i even did it knowing it was most definitely sketchy. Such a dumb thing to do especially knowing about it.


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Re: More ICBC Fuckery
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I've filled out the paperwork to "sell" my car before, just to use the plates to get another car home.
Shady, but that's the Island way.

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