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Made-just-for VW H7 LEDs
« on: Nov 02, 18, 17:37 »
For anyones who interested in upgrading their headlights to LED:

If you've tried, you probably know that its a huge pain:

Cliffnotes summary:
1: It involves removing your bumper in order to remove your headlight assembly
2. it involves wiring your new LED headlights directly to your battery
3. You need an adapter to make them sit in place

So I have LED lights that are built for VW. They can be installed in 5 minutes:
- No adapters
- No wires or wiring involved of any kind
- Save 2 hours of your time, done in 5 minutes.

They're about twice as bright as a good halogen bulb, while retaining the light shape of the reflector halogens.

They're a good alternative to sylvania silverstars and they look OEM and very sharp.

Will produce no error codes, and be the best lightbulb change experience you ever have, if you own one of these vehicles:

- 2010 - 2017 Volkswagen Golf and GTI
- 2017 Alltrack
- 2012-2017 Passat
- 2012-2017 Tiguan
- 2010-2014 Sportwagen
- 2012-2015 EOS
- 2010-2012 Rabbit

Message/reply if interested. Cheers

Heres a couple pics of how they look:

Edit: Here is the link to the page on Amazon:

The H7 will be in stock on Monday. The H15 (Tiguan, Golf/GTI high beams and DRL) is available now.

If you want to get them direct from us, we can work out some type of discount for members of the forum.

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Re: Made-just-for VW H7 LEDs
« Reply #1 on: Nov 13, 18, 13:56 »
Enter code "DUBBERZ1" at checkout for 10% off your order @ Amazon



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Re: Made-just-for VW H7 LEDs
« Reply #2 on: Nov 20, 18, 11:13 »
Sorry there was a glitch in the promo code. The code will be available for 10% off your order - beginning at 5PM PST today. It will run for the rest of the month or until our current stock is sold out.

"Dubberz1" at checkout will get you the 10% off

Message us to find out how you can get a $10 Tims card in addition to 10% off.  :cheesy: