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What should I do
« on: Sep 02, 18, 16:01 »
So I have a 2002 vr6 with 189000 kms on her and not sure if I want it as my DD or drive it on sunny summer days..I know it's not my dream Porsche or Golf R but it is still fun to drive. It's not mint but the salesmen at VW were impressed on how clean it is. Is it worth keeping for a summer car? That is my question..... What would you do?


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Re: What should I do
« Reply #1 on: Sep 02, 18, 18:55 »
I say itís not worth preserving as a summer car right now.

You should just drive it and keep it nice and clean.
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Re: What should I do
« Reply #2 on: Sep 02, 18, 21:18 »
Just drive it and enjoy it.  It's a nice car but there are a million just like it, no reason to save it and not drive it.
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Re: What should I do
« Reply #3 on: Sep 02, 18, 21:55 »
This isnt a question for us. If you want it as a daily then daily the shit out of it. If you want it for summer have it for summer.... john cena has an old piece of a jeep he takes out for sunny days but daily's a rolls Royce.... so like i said do you love it enough to daily or only use for summer?

Personally I would just daily it cause I see it as another mark 4 cleaner then a lot out there... I'm not you.
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Re: What should I do
« Reply #4 on: Sep 02, 18, 22:19 »
Thanks for the replies today....I will sleep on it and decide soon..... Maybe I will trade it in for an R