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Mechanics lien?
« on: Feb 13, 17, 18:28 »
Anyone ever done this before?Short story now this VW has been sitting at a shop for 6 years,and now the owner of the shop wants to get paid storage fee for the time.The owner of the car doesn't answer calls or emails.So he wants to put a lien on the car then sell it to me to get the money he is owed for the storage.Is this the right way to go about this?Thanks for any info guys


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Re: Mechanics lien?
« Reply #1 on: Feb 13, 17, 18:34 »
I bought a car from a garage for $170. It's what the customer owed for an axle repair. I just paid him cash and towed the car.


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Re: Mechanics lien?
« Reply #2 on: Feb 13, 17, 18:55 »
Will he take the lien off the car? Why file the paperwork to lien it if he's just going to sell you the car to recoup his money anyway? Maybe I don't fully understand the lien process.
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Re: Mechanics lien?
« Reply #4 on: Feb 16, 17, 20:42 »
The right way to lien would be for work done, not storage, that'd be a Warehouseman's Lien, and unless he's in the car storage business and has a contract that might not fly. 

He needs to pay for the lien, and pay to get it taken off at the end of the day.  Pretty simple to do if you've done them before, but if you're asking these kinds of questions he'll probably need to ask a lawyer. 

Then he's got to pay to advertise it in the local paper so the owner has a chance to pick it up, and sell it fairly.  Auction, sealed bid, etc.   Once you put the ad in the paper the tire kickers come out and will want to know how to put in an offer, for scrap metal value if nothing else.  You might be outbid.

If he gets any more cash than he was owed then he'll have to make efforts to return the extra, or sit on the money and hope the guy never shows up looking for it.

It's a right PITA, but it's better than nothing.  Places like Kal Tire lien on the drop of the hat, they've got folks that do nothing but, and they're great to deal with.  I found dealing with small time mechanics a huge hassle, especially getting liens released.


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Re: Mechanics lien?
« Reply #5 on: Feb 17, 17, 08:06 »
And if I remember right.....once the lein is on the car you can do fuck all with it until it's removed.  You're best bet is to contact the cars owner, ask him to sell you the car fairly and justly.  That way you limit all the crap you'll end up going through.  I've done this and picked up a SWEEEEET Audi coupe years ago for a stellar price, car needed a bunch of suspension work and the guy left it at the dealer for 2 months.  Clear papers, no lein, worked great.