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Mk4 Parts / FS: TDI Jetta parts, with ALH engine pump big list
« Last post by sergio on Today at 14:12 »

Up for sale is almost new injection pump with only less that 30k ms on it.
It was bought new last year from a dealer. Not rebuilt but brand new.
Used it for a year only. Now engine is blown. Pump has less than 30k kms on it and has 11mm shaft. Car was automatic.  ------------ 600$

Second item is less than 5 km EGR delete kit. We installed this and had a run away engine. Used for less than 5 kms.
Comes with everything you need to get rid of leaky egr.  --------------    40$

Brand new Turbo actuator valve with less than 5 km on it. ---------------  80$

Like new jetta headlights. No hazing. Like brand new lenses. Nothing broken or missing.   -----------------   Pair  100$.

Intake manifold. Nice and decarbonated. Looks great and is cleaned. Just replace your gunked up one.   -------------- 40$

ALH TDI solid state flywheel with good used clutch Convert to solid state flywheel.  -------------- 100$ for it all or 75$ for flywheel alone

Used TDI turbo. Has 200k on it. ------------- 100$

Intercooler good working condition ---------------  30$

Brand new glow plugs. All for been on the car for 300kms. all for for --------------120$.

Use glow plug harness. Good working condition     ------------------------  50$

Turbo pressure hoses including the intake plastic hose all for   ------------- 50$

alternator good working condition             -    --------------------  60$

automatic starter - ------------------    60$

radiator carrier with radiators and bumper rebar   - ---------------   120$

bumper skin in dark blue      ---------------         100$

dogbone mount        ---------------   30$
engine mount ---------------    50$

silver hood in excellent condition ------------  100$

passenger side front fender in silver excellent condition ------   65$

air condition pump good working condition       -------------- 100$

power steering pump good working condition ------------  50$

rack and pinion complete with tie rods  does not leak --------- 100$

brand new rear hubs with new wheel bearing each side ----------- 75$

front strut each side       --------- 50$

rear shocks each    -------------  35$

rear calipers work great not seized  ---------- 50$ each

rear tail lights excellent condition 25$ each. Have 2 sets.

black leather interior. Seats 7 out 10. complete with door cards   -------   300$

black carpet with trunk carpet all for ------------- 50$

rear bumper skin silver excellent condition      ------------ 75$

complete stock exhaust with flex pipe    ------------- 100$

silver doors  excellent condition each ------------- 50$

windows regulators with motor all good each ------------ 50$

instrument cluster can adjust the mileage to match your car have 2 of them ---------- 75$ with mileage adjustment

interior bits and pieces -------------   5$ and up

Car is like 90% complete. Let me know what you need. Shell is rust free.
More you buy the cheaper the prices.
Text is best as I am not in the front of the PC all the time.

Call or text 778 882 7147

Pin Ups / Re: Show us your recent photos of your car
« Last post by Audidoodi on Today at 10:27 »
Minus not the best driving weather, it was a great day for a even better cause. Apparently there will be a summer loop just for shits n giggles, would be awesome to have a few of us Dubberz get together for it. The road wasn't nearly as bad as past years.

Yeah weather looked a bit marginal. I remember it spitting a couple times.

The loop is a good time as long as everyone behaves. Vancouver Audi Club had an Island Drive last year and it turned out to be quite a success with a good number of cars.
Mk4 Parts / Re: 2000 beetle parts
« Last post by jettas07 on Today at 10:19 »

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Mk4 Parts / Re: KN filter in factory airbox
« Last post by craigj on Today at 09:40 »
Mk6 Dubz for sale / Feeler/FS 2013 Golf R-Stage 2+
« Last post by Gambo on Today at 01:29 »
Hey guys,

Sadly, I'm considering putting my Golf R up for sale to see if there's any interest.

2013 Golf R - APR Stage 2+ 91 Octane 351 HP/349 TQ
Rising Blue
93xxx km and rising as it's my daily driver.
*Brand new long block crate engine installed at 90,500 km - All work done at PG Performance
*Brand new SACHS SRE Stage 2 clutch & flywheel kit installed with engine
 APR HPFP rebuilt with Autotech insert
 APR Carbonio CAI
 APR RSC Turboback exhaust
 New Spark plugs and R8 red top coil packs
 New battery
 H&R Ultralow Coilovers
 Authentic BBS CH - 19x8 et50 with Michelin AS3.  Also comes with stock Golf R wheels with near new Continental DWS
 H&R 10mm spacers with extended cone seat bolts for the rear
 H&R 3mm spacers with extended cone seat bolts for front. (spacers not currently installed)
 OEM ball seat bolts and caps
 Euro LED tail lights
 Brake pads and rotors done last year
 Rear Haldex coupler replaced last year
 Haldex service oil and filter done last year
 Oil changes done every 6000 km
 Only run on Chevron 94


 I'll get a picture up for you all later.  Thanks for looking!

Still available? Where are you located?

Sorry just got sold.

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I actually snapped a pic of your car to try to convince the gf to let me get those wheels haha.

How are they weight wise?


Sorry no idea on weight.

Mk4 Parts / Re: golf, jetta monster mats
« Last post by srys_finest_gti on Today at 00:37 »
I'll take the Jetta ones. Where you located?
Mk4 Parts / set of mk4 leather seats
« Last post by on Today at 00:07 »
As stated will fit mk4
golf, jetta and have a Wagon set as well

pm me for model specific pricing
Mk4 Parts / golf, jetta monster mats
« Last post by on Today at 00:05 »
As stated
a set of mint golf and a set of mint jetta rubber monster mats

$50 a set
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