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Dubz 4 Sale / Re: craigslist finds!!!!!!
« Last post by William on Today at 17:22 »
Mk4 Parts / Re: FS : Glove Box $50
« Last post by AirCooledRules on Today at 16:57 »
Yup.  Come get
Mk4 Parts / Re: Alh head and 11mm pump
« Last post by jesse.rick.3 on Today at 16:13 »
Pump sold
Mk4 Dubz for sale / Re: 2001 Jetta 2.2T
« Last post by gsxrsquid on Today at 15:36 »
Sorry to all they may have tried contacting phone was broken. Sorry not interested  in the headlights

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Would you sell the turbo separately? K24 or T3?

Mk4 Parts / Re: Aeb, 12v heads
« Last post by aba16v on Today at 15:23 »
Been trying very hard not to build the 1.8T sitting in the garage, but if you insist.

Mk4 Parts / Re: FS : Glove Box $50
« Last post by srys_finest_gti on Today at 14:46 »
You still have this?
Vancouver Island / VCDS-Rosstech intown?
« Last post by 8vdubber on Today at 14:37 »

Does anyone have a vagcom or vcds scanner in town for some beer or cash?

I need to see all of my faults and run a log to see how fubar'd this car is. Its a bit of a mystery at the moment... Happy to pay with vancouvers finest micro breweries or cash.

Tire Classifieds / WTB 2x 215/35/19 or 225/35/19
« Last post by eurotrash on Today at 14:24 »
Like the title says looking for either a pair of 215 or 225/35/19s. Preferably a straight summer but would consider an all season
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