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Mk4 Parts / FS: Bilstein and Neuspeed Suspension
« Last post by grandshervee on Yesterday at 22:26 »

I have some Bilsten suspension and Neuspeed springs for sale.

Link with pictures:

Bilstein Struts and Shocks and Neuspeed Sport Springs. $150 as a package.
One of the shocks leaked but the rest are fine . 40,000 KM on them. 1.5" drop.
Neuspeed Part # 55.10.88
Bilstein Part # f4-ve3-4408-h0

I have a number of parts for sale.

Link with pictures:

MKV - 2009 GTi TSI engine

1. Stock Clutch kit with 15,000 KM on it. $250.
It was in great shape when I removed it. I put in a Southbend clutch in its place.

2. Ultimate Racing Downpipe with Metal Cat and Resonator - 3" CCTA. $400

3. MKV GTi Stock Suspension - 10,000 KM on them. $200

4. Stoptech Rotors and Pads. Brand New. $250
Stoptech Pads Part # 309.11070
Stoptech/Centric Rotor Part # 125.33098

5. Passenger Door Latch from 3 Door GTi. $120
Part # 3B1-837-016-CG
Island Events & Cruises / Re: Courtenay GTG
« Last post by Scooby on Yesterday at 22:15 »
same as above
The Wet Coast / Re: Winter is Coming
« Last post by Gerg on Yesterday at 22:01 »
Yep, today was a fun one.... 1hr from
Village to creekside (2-3km)
The Wet Coast / Re: Winter is Coming
« Last post by germanstyle on Yesterday at 21:48 »
Been in whistler for the last was snowing buckets here today.  I'm sure it will be washed away by tomorrow but it made for a temporary hwy closure as all the people without winter tires decided to check out the local ditches on their way home.
Mk4 Dubz for sale / Re: 2005 GLI 1.8T - 6 Speed
« Last post by 84_16vgti on Yesterday at 21:10 »
This car is a lump! Drove out from out of town since it was supposibly mint. Whole passenger side of car has been repainted. Right rear door doesn't line up. Rear bumper used to be blue. Ya might have a clean title but I wouldn't trust this guy. No documentation on timing belt or clutch. Wouldn't even budge  on the price. Total attitude when emailed with any questions. GLWS!!
Mk4 Parts / Re: Parting out Mk4 Widebody jetta - *Price drops*
« Last post by germanstyle on Yesterday at 20:55 »
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Mk4 Parts / Re: Parting out Mk4 Widebody jetta - *Price drops*
« Last post by germanstyle on Yesterday at 20:53 »
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Tech Talk / Re: Cutting the cord.
« Last post by mithril on Yesterday at 20:00 »
Picked up the hardware for Project Odin from the US this afternoon.  Apparently the cases for the HP Z400/600/800 were designed by BMW.

Dual Xeon x5675 Hex-core @ 3.07GHz
48gb DDR3-1333 ECC
2x2tb drives
random cheap vid card
$290USD shipped.

That should Plex quite nicely :)
Shop Talk / Re: What did you do to your dub today?
« Last post by 92GTI16V on Yesterday at 18:57 »
Which one did you buy? I'm in the market, got any photos of it on?

I got it off Ebay from
It's just a generic one for indoor use, but it fits pretty good.
I don't have any pictures of it on the car.
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