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Mk6 Parts / VW Golf/GTI Mk6 Taillights: $40
« Last post by VW_FAN on Oct 04, 21, 20:08 »
VW Golf/GTI MK6 Taillights. The right Outer and both Inner lights. $10 Each for the inner lights and $20 for the right outer light. $40 for all.
The Auto Lounge / Re: GTX 90's rims
« Last post by ring54 on Oct 01, 21, 12:59 »
Didnt even know Etabeta existed, thank you for your reply (:
The Auto Lounge / Re: GTX 90's rims
« Last post by Parts on Sep 30, 21, 15:30 »
Eta Beta
The Auto Lounge / GTX 90's rims
« Last post by ring54 on Sep 29, 21, 13:50 »
Hey guys, looking to put some 90's rims on my GTX, some names I can think of include tsw, msw, o.z, momo, and borbet which ones am I missing?

figured out the html image too  :toothy:
Mk2 Parts / FS: Mk2 VR6 swap crossmember & mounts 325$
« Last post by Asphalt Ratte on Sep 26, 21, 10:47 »
For sale:

Corrado VR6 front crossmember, Passat 16v rad crossmember and brand new BFI MK3 Motor Mount Kit Stage 1. 
Front & rear engine mount inserts, One G60 solid rubber transmission mount.
Rear mount is trimmed about 3/4".  Some hardware included, used only for setup.
Msg me for pics.

Price 325$

Rubberz / tires fit?
« Last post by egspot on Sep 21, 21, 12:36 »
So here my stupid question: Would 235 40 18 from A4 fit a 2010 VW Golf MK6 with the same bolt pattern 5x112? Currently running 225 40 18. Please pm me if you know whether it fits or no. Thanks :undecided:
The Wet Coast / Re: Did Facebook Groups kill the internet forum?
« Last post by DerrickLaw on Sep 14, 21, 04:56 »
Drifting killed the VW scene with the new generation, everyone wants to "get sideways" now it seems.  In a world of instant gratification, no one wants to take 3 years to build a car in their garage, the patients just aren't there any more.

Everybody will have different standards for comfort - for someone it will be shopping for groceries in M&S all the time, going out 3 times a week
Rubberz / Re: Help me identify these wheels please.
« Last post by DerrickLaw on Sep 14, 21, 04:53 »
Yes, eBay is a good source for hunting such items. But check the description, images, and model very carefully before remitting the funds.

2017 Toyota Highlander | Limited | Midnight Black Metallic
Mk5 Parts / WTB MK5 Jetta Bentley repair manual
« Last post by Tjay on Sep 08, 21, 18:30 »
message if you have one you are willing to part with.
Misc. Classifieds / NBA 2K11 was a pivotal moment for the games
« Last post by FryeJacob on Sep 07, 21, 01:28 »
This was the final edition prior to NBA 2K22 MT when 2K Sports was formed. ESPN NBA Basketball featured unique facial designs for every player, improved the passing system that was centered on the 24/7 mode, and featured numerous streetball features. It was widely praised for gameplay, graphics, and presentation.

NBA 2K11 was a pivotal moment for the games. They did not get many bad reviews. This season was a massive jump for several reasons. The most interesting was the inclusion of the cover athlete Michael Jordan, who hadn't been in a game for many years.

The Jordan Challenge mode was heavily praised as gamers got the chance to recreate Jordan's most iconic moments. This mode allowed for the inclusion of many teams and players from the past. Add a great soundtrack and some of the D-League in Association mode and Buy 2K22 MT you've got yourself an excellent choice.
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