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For Sale: 2006 B7 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro, Quartz Gray with 150k kms - $2,900

I purchased this vehicle in 2012 from Audi Richmond and I am the second owner.

Car has a bunch of minor issues so I’m pricing it a little cheaper than comparable cars. Issues listed below. Car starts and runs fine, great for city and flat highway driving but needs a refresher. A little bit of a refresh was done in the last year or so as per the “recent maintenance” items listed below.

Current KM: 150k
Never been in an accident

Factory Features:
Quattro All-wheel drive
Full leather interior, black
Adaptive Bi-xenon/HID headlights
Automatic low-light sensing headlights
Steering wheel radio controls
Cassette player
6-CD changer
AM/FM Radio
Premium Bose sound system with subwoofer
Power locks
Power windows
Power mirrors (automatically adjust when backing-up)
Power sunroof
Automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers
Heated seats, front and rear
60/40 split fold-down seating
Full-size spare tire

Recent maintenance:
Mary 13th, 2017
Air filter (aftermarket)
Fuel filter (aftermarket)
Oil filter (aftermarket)

May 20th, 2017
OEM Cam follower (purchased from Audi Boundary in Burnaby)
OEM High-pressure fuel pump (HPFP) (purchased from Audi Boundary in Burnaby)
OEM coil packs (purchased from Audi Boundary in Burnaby)
Spark plugs

June 10th, 2017
PCV (aftermarket)

July 8th, 2017
Diverter valve (aftermarket)

February 18th, 2018

Small oil leak
Usually has a drip of oil every couple of days out the bottom. Looks to be the valve cover gasket.

Boost-leak in turbo system
There is apparently a boost-leak in the turbo system. Through my grandma-like driving I haven't noticed, but it was pointed out to me by the guys at Company of Cars in Burnaby.

Wide open throttle/uphill climb hesitation and smoke
Car has an issue when trying to go wide-open throttle or climb a steep hill at high speed. When at wide-open throttle or climbing a steep hill at high-speed, the car will sometimes start to stutter and smoke comes out the tailpipes. I have read this can be related to a cracked valve cover, which may explain the oil leak. The smoke is apparently oil being burned. Driving around the city it is fine. This issue has been with the car for a while now, but because I only drive sparingly around the city, it has not been a major factor for me. Not ideal however obviously if trying to drive to Whistler for example.

Out of alignment
Car is a touch out of alignment.

Needs new tires
Front tires are a little worn due to being out of alignment. Should be replaced soon.

Front bumper
Got pulled out a bit by a curb on one side when I was backing out of a parking spot recently.

Passenger side air-bag recall
The passenger side air-bag has been recalled as part of the large Takata air-back recall. This will be replaced by Audi free of charge.
Corrado / Re: '91 Corrado Autobody repair & paint
« Last post by AirCooledRules on Today at 12:11 »
Looks fresh
Corrado / Re: '91 Corrado Autobody repair & paint
« Last post by witchcraftz on Today at 12:01 »
Great paint job.
5x112 Wheels / WTB: OEM MK6/7 GTI wheels
« Last post by cannedbrit on Today at 10:05 »
Looking for OEM MK6/7 GTI wheels.

Serrons ideally, but open to others.

With or without rubber OK.

Must be fairly clean.

5x100 Wheels / ISO: MK4 20th/R32 18" Aristos
« Last post by Jprocs24 on Today at 06:39 »
Looking for a set of oem aristos for my mk4! If you have a set or know anyone who's selling a set please feel free to message me here or text me at 604-970-2953. Thanks
5x100 Wheels / FS: 4 x Volkswagen Avus 15" Rims
« Last post by popeye on Yesterday at 20:58 »
I'll take some pictures tomorrow.

From a 2001 Golf


Mk1 Dubz for Sale / Re: 1978 2 Door Rabbit Hatchback - $5800 OBO
« Last post by Lunchbox on Yesterday at 17:55 »
Looks like a really solid Rabbit  :thumbup:
Mk4 Parts / Re: Mk4 Jetta wiper assembly WTB
« Last post by AirCooledRules on Yesterday at 14:33 »
I have the parts
Mk4 Parts / Mk4 Jetta wiper assembly WTB
« Last post by iw97 on Yesterday at 13:26 »
I’m in desperate need for a wiper assembly motor and arms mine has snapped the arm and also ripped the steel apart that it all mounts to so I have to somehow re mount the new set up. Anyone had this issue before? What a nightmare. Anyone with a wiper assembly let me know thanks!
Mk1 Dubz for Sale / Re: 1978 2 Door Rabbit Hatchback - $5800 OBO
« Last post by Golf1crazy on Yesterday at 12:40 »
In 1986 my parents surprised me with an 1978 rabbit C identical to yours same interior and exterior
That was my first car. Wow that bring back memories! 
I hope it goes to a good home.  Good luck with the sale
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