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mk2 16v 2L
« on: Jun 17, 19, 00:27 »
picked up a mk2 from Nine on this board and its a super beaut. I really really enjoy it the time I've had it so far. it reminds me of when I had my old mk2's ... I am a returning member but with a new username. I have a few pics I took from new west today as its a really nice backdrop. it is taken with my S8 but they turned out nice for what I used for the pics and I am sry for the side pics. I can't get them tuned right way up
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Re: mk2 16v 2L
« Reply #1 on: Jun 17, 19, 10:15 »
cool shots in new west!
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Re: mk2 16v 2L
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Very cool. I was wondering why that car was taking so long to sell.
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Re: mk2 16v 2L
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I live in the tri city and this is my daily. Will plan on getting back on the vw train again  :hi:
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