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Project Davao - Videography Discussion
« on: Oct 28, 14, 21:20 »
Hello friends.

I'm heading to Davao, Philippines to shoot some interviews, stock footage and stills with my wife for a water filtration NGO for about 45 days. 

So far I'll be packing:


24-105 F4L IS
70-300 F4-5.6L IS
135 F2L
50 F1.4 EX Sigma

Audiotechnica wired Lav
Zoom H1
GoPro HD2 + wifi + lcd + tons of batteries + cases + etc
Pelican 1514 Case x2

Gear already there:
DJI Phantom + H3D gimbal
GoPro HD3 Black+
Glidecam HD4000
Manfrotto Video Head (701?) still confirming what sticks and head.
Sennheiser Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser wireless Lav

Gear I'm considering and need some recommendations:
Lexar Pro 800x vs 1066x for shooting at 1080/24p in IPB and sometimes All-I format, and MAYBE shooting some scenes in DNG with Magic Lantern if time and need permits Bought 4x 32GB 800x cards.
Canon 16-35 F4L IS ($1299) vs the Canon 17-40 F4L ($799 new or $600 used)  will be flying it handheld on the HD4000 and wonder if the IS is worth $700 vs. doing it in post considering I'd already be shooting at wide angle.  Bought the 16-35 F4 IS.
Tascam DR-40D ($199) vs Zoom H4n ($300) - I want true 4-track recording in BWF for mixing in post. Bought the DR-40D
LED Video Light that takes LP-E6 batteries - daylight with a good amount of lumens and some diffuser
Half Cage with a shit ton of cheese plates. - zacuto quality on a cowboy studio budget.
maxpedition jumbo sling bag $69 vs anything else Bought 2

Dream List:
Motion control kit for my Zaza slider
Cheeeeap LCD or EVF with histogram and focus peaking , or some Atomos equivalent Bought a used Lilliput HDMI monitor
Follow focus with quick whips and gears for a half cage setup.  I'll be doing 99% of the work myself aside from some local non-technical assistants to hold boom mics / guard my stuff.

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Re: Project Davao - Videography Discussion
« Reply #1 on: Jan 28, 15, 08:22 »
Here's my reel from 2014 that features a lot of the interview shots from the trip.


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Re: Project Davao - Videography Discussion
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Nicely done Ian