Author Topic: Consumer alert: Kerrisdale Cameras (W 41st location)  (Read 2294 times)

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Just posting this as a heads up:

If you plan to buy a Nikon D610 from this location of KD, check to see if it is indeed a "brand new" unit.  A friend of mine purchased a "new" D610 last week and while going through the menus, he discovered that the Copyright info field in the database had already been edited by another photographer.  Quick look at one of the first images he captured also showed a shutter count of 9336.  Later, the noticed that there were no warranty cards in the packaging.  The unit was returned/refunded and KD offered no apology.

file this one under : That's not cool, bro
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Re: Consumer alert: Kerrisdale Cameras (W 41st location)
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heh doesnt surprise me.  I went in there with a simple question about replacing a broken piece on my tripod.  They said they don't sell it separate (fair enough) but "There is NOWHERE i will be able to find only option, You WILL have to buy a new tripod."   Needless to say I did not buy it....a few emails later to some local camera stores and turns out that part is definiitely available for purchase.  For a store that has been there for a while, it seems that (depending on whom you deal with) they either are too ignorant or don't care about the customer.  I will never return.