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Portland ?
« on: Apr 14, 10, 23:24 »
Some buddies and I are going to take a few days and travel to Portland to hang out.  We have all never been. 

We'll probably be camping.. if possible.  Maybe in Seaside?

Any recommendations on where to go, what to see along the way?


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Re: Portland ?
« Reply #1 on: Apr 15, 10, 07:31 »
Some good stuff in here...  I love the Oregon Coast!

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Re: Portland ?
« Reply #2 on: Apr 15, 10, 09:08 »
GF and I did a trip all the way down the coast from Astoria to Florence, as mentioned in the thread linked above there are tons of campsites along the coast (at least) and lots to do in many of the ocean side cities/towns. Rent a Yurt? The drive is incredible, if you're on the coast allow yourself extra time to stop a points of interest and what not as there's tons of things to see along the way. We did the trip in a little less than two weeks and certainly didn't have close to enough time to see everything that we wanted to. Also I would highly recommend taking a ride on the dunes with one of the sand-rail companies in somewhere like Florence or Due City. BEST $25 dollars I've spent on entertainment in a long time. I'd also recommend you stop at the outlet mall in Woodburn, Oregon just south of Portland on the I5. No tax = win.

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Re: Portland ?
« Reply #3 on: Apr 15, 10, 22:28 »
gold coast and lincoln city and of course woodburn outlet mall for shopping and cannon beach

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Re: Portland ?
« Reply #4 on: Apr 19, 10, 11:09 »
VooDoo Donuts in Portland!