Author Topic: Looking for a Turn Key Mk 1 GTI  (Read 5325 times)

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Looking for a Turn Key Mk 1 GTI
« on: Apr 24, 17, 17:31 »
I'm starting the process to find and purchase a Clean MK1 GTI thats ready to go,  My first car in the early 90's was a 79 GT rabbit that had been built at PG performance.

I had to sell this car back then due to school and a child that was on the way.....  I would now like to try and re-find a car like that from my youth.

I'm not looking for a big project but a Mk1 GTI that does not have much work to be done. 


First VW :       1979 Rabbit GTI 1.8 (Built at PG Performance)
Current VW:    2019 MK7 Autobahn GTI


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Re: Looking for a Turn Key Mk 1 GTI
« Reply #1 on: Apr 19, 18, 22:05 »
I'm looking for you Could you please tell me?