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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
« Reply #20 on: May 17, 09, 18:15 »
Cannon beach, i think on weekends when the tide goes real far out you can walk up to the rocks.

I like Rockaway beach, it's a smaller, less populated Cannon beach. Nice to have a fire on the beach at night.

And Seaside is quite nice to visit as well!

no way in hell i could bend a ball around 5 wops standing 20 feet away from me.


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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
« Reply #21 on: May 20, 09, 12:55 »
I just got back last night from a trip to Oregon/Cali, took the 101 all the way down, it was awesome!  The only thing is if you go to Cali on the 101, from the Cali border for about 5 miles it's the worst road I've ever been on :o  But if you keep going south the most fun road I've ever driven is the 101 from Crescent City to Eureka :thumbup:   

I recommend stopping in Seaside for a day of surfing
and Definitely rent atv's at the Sand Dunes!

And best of all when we stopped in Crescent City we went to an aquarium and got to pet a shark! :toothy:
It almost made up for the speeding ticket I got :'(

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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
« Reply #22 on: May 24, 09, 22:28 »
its all been summed up pretty good, if you can stay at the 'spanish head inn' at lincoln city , its like 10 stories built on the bluff (you actually enter on the 9th or 10th floor)ok place , rad view. bump for tillamook cheese curds and sand dune fun.


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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
« Reply #23 on: May 20, 10, 19:17 »
I dont know if anybody is still interested but i regular the oregon coast.. probably 5 - 6 trips a year and have done the large majority of it. Frankly it depends on the amount of time that you have and what your interests are. I typically only have 3-4 days and as a result tend to stay  fairly north. Overall, people have the right idea...

The best way to get down is to take the I5 to the second kelso / longview exit, drive over a small bridge, hang your first right and you'll go through the longview industrial area then over a large 2 lane bridge which enters you into oregon. You'll follow the signs towards astoria which is actually a pretty cool drive through a real well forested area. Closer to astoria there is a whole bunch of curvy sections that are a blast to hit... Astoria is the first "real" town that you will hit. Astoria doesnt give the average young person all that much to do. They try and position astoria as a mini san fransisco; however, the keyword would be"mini". It does have a good marine museum if you are into that, and also serves as a stop point for cruize ships going up and down the coast from vancouver to california. If your a surfer, astoria doesnt see any swell.. if you keep driving through astoria you will go over a floating bridge which eventually takes you to seaside. Seaside is the first real city where you will have the "coast feel." Direct swell, nice stretch of sandy beaches, plenty of families vacationing, large hotels etc. etc. It has a pretty lame night life but if your into that (and not planning on going to portland), it's the best thing your going to get until you hit lincoln city. The next city after seaside (maybe 10 min south) is cannon beach; which, is more trendy and a little classier then seaside, yet doesnt have much of anything to do after say 7pm (aside from romantic dinners with the old lady n all that). From a scenic standpoint the absolute most beautiful place for me in all of oregon is oswald state part / aka cape falcon. It is another id guess 20 kms south or cannon beach and is a small hikje down the path to a opening int he ocean that sits between two large cliff shelves. Bring some beers down, chill out on the beach, watch thousands of surfers compete for waves.... unbelievable. After all of the northern cities though you are going to spend about 2 hours on the highway where you will go through tillamook (cool chese museum as others have mentioned) and other small cities, but there really isnt much else to seee. Therefore, if you want to see the coast, and dont have tons of time. Id stay northern oregon. If you got nothing but time go down to florence (dune bugggies!), newport and lincoln city (casinos and a night life)!!! good luck!


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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
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Every bend on HWY101 is pretty cool :hi:


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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
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how bad are cops on the 101 and PCH?
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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
« Reply #26 on: May 27, 10, 13:07 »
how bad are cops on the 101 and PCH?

I don't remember seeing any when I went last fall.  The summer might be different.


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Re: Cool Oregon locations?
« Reply #27 on: May 27, 10, 14:06 »
I don't remember seeing any when I went last fall.  The summer might be different.

Ditto, I traveled from Washington state down the coast as far as Dune City OR. during the summer and to the best of my recollection I don't remember seeing one office of the law dealing with traffic issues.