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Want to buy - GTI, Celica, Mini, etc....
« on: Sep 26, 17, 12:12 »
(I know this is a odd posting, and not even sure it's allowed here?  But if not please delete or let me know.  But I need a good, yet with attitude! - winter car!)

I am looking for an economical, reliable, affordable, fun, fuel efficient, good looking and well maintained little car to get me through the winter months.

The cars listed are at the top of my list. The Mini would preferably be a Cooper S, but a base model will work. HAS to be a manual. The Celica would be preferably a GT-S (the last generation models) but if it's a manual and clean, a base GT can work. The GTI has to be a Mk3 or Mk4. VR6 or 1.8T preferred but in a Mk3 a 2L will work. Must be a manual in any case.

I am open to others that are in the same kind of sub-compact range. Has to be a 4 or 6 cyl. I will consider a rebuild IF it is very aggressively priced and the repairs are spot on. There are good and bad rebuilds, so I'm not against it if price is right.

Obviously with the average being 20K km per year in Canada, please be somewhere in line with average accumulated mileage. No stupidly high miled cars. And obviously, any records of maintainance showing you've looked after your car would be appreciated. A little tinkering is fine but the car ha to essentially be good to go!

Please be somewhere near the city for viewing. I have cash ready for the right car.


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Re: Want to buy - GTI, Celica, Mini, etc....
« Reply #1 on: Sep 26, 17, 18:17 »
I should probably amend this a bit.  When I say Winter I suppose I should clarify - essentially driven now til late Feb, so it can't be too 'utilitarian' as I am a car guy and it has to be something I'd dig  ;)  No 4 doors or wagons...or very few exceptions.  WRX wagons are cool but no kids means no need for lots of room (but as you can see in my preferences, a hatch is near the top of requirements) And unless it's a screaming deal and minty or something, I prefer not black.  I'm too anal.

Keep 'em coming!