Author Topic: 1991 BMW 318is - Custom interior, 3-piece BBS RS, Air Ride Suspension  (Read 1995 times)

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For sale is my 1991 BMW 318is project car. I've recently started a new job which provides a brand new company car so I don't have much time for this project any more. Since picking up this car in March last year I've put over $12,000 in maintenance and $15,000 in aftermarket upgrades. All maintenance work has been done at CG Performance. Airride install was done at RPI Equipped. Wheels were custom built by Spinfab and cost $3250USD.

PRICE: $16,000

Text: 604 506 7838

Serious inquiries only. I will not budge much on the price but will consider reasonable offers for quick sale

Build thread:

Detailed Build List of what has been done this past year.

BMW 318is by Jonathan Leung, on Flickr

Mooshoo3 by Jonathan Leung, on Flickr

Renown-2 by Jonathan Leung, on Flickr

Mooshoo by Jonathan Leung, on Flickr

Ride Height
image2 by Jonathan Leung, on Flickr

Recaro 1 by Jonathan Leung, on Flickr


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You have gone a long way in a short period of time on this one.

Looking forward to the VW project that follows this.
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So much want.
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Very nice car!  :)


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I need to go change my underwear.


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Tell Clay to buy his S4 back so i can buy this ;)
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Wow, that car really gave you a hard time from the mechanical side of things. Nice to see it was all taken care of by a reputable shop!

Love how subtle it is with those wheels
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Thanks guys, lots of interest and a couple of guys who want to buy but are waiting on money to close the deal.

I think I'm done with personal car projects for now. If it wasn't for the new job I'd probably keep it but being at CTS means I get a killer deal on a company car and I get to mod it for "free".


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I just held up traffic on Mufford Crescent getting a peak at this. Just beautiful!  :thumbup:


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The worst thing about this entire postings is......
I can't view the build thread and have spent too much time trying to register and have access to that


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That's embarrassing - but I appreciate being corrected.


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this sell?

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ya - some time ago. it sold pretty quick