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Racing Line Group is based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. They are a tier-1 partner to the Volkswagen Group, and to many they are best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme ever since 1997. It was out of this manufacturer motorsport program that their increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range was born, now sold all over the world.

o  The R600 intake is our best selling system for this platform
o  Combines OEM standard design and quality with significant power gains
o  Hand made in the UK and fits like a factory par and lasts like a factory part
o  Giant Trifoam dome filter - double the size of standard filters​
o  Twin CFD-optimised front intakes extending across the front of the car help achieve lower intake temperatures and worthwhile power gains.
o  Enormous air box volume houses the filter, complete with thoughtful details like connection to the original factory drain tube

o  This retails for around $380 US
o  I am also including a second never used replacement filter $95 US
o  And including a relocation coolant hose (goes under and out of sight) $29 US

o  That comes to about $500 US and then duty and exchange rate ... I am selling this set up for only $450 CDN!!!

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