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Bought this a while ago and just got around to installing it, and despite assurances from the vendor that this would work with my Fender Premium sound system, it does not.
(It requires that speaker wiring coming off the head unit, not the optical sound output that Fender Premium has.)

Retains all car setup functions, integrated display (much better), steering wheel controls, backup camera (if installed), integrated navigation, etc.  Also allows easy inclusion of DVR and or other AUX input.

And of course, instead of the meager 5.8" display, this is a 9" high-pixel display.  I didn't install it, but I did test out the functionality (and wired up an external speaker), and was quite impressed.  Really disappointed that this won't work in my car.

Mirrors what the HVAC settings show:

Backup camera:

Nav route setup:

Nav settings/options:

NOTE:  If your quad-lok connector looks like this (no speaker wire connectors where the red box is), THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

Oh - an instruction manual is included, and it's actually pretty good at explaining all of the functionality.

$575, which is about $100 less than I paid for it.
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You have my attention sir!

I will check my car and get back to you. Does this add navigation?


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So to be clear, this is an android product?


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Not 100% sure on that. Never got that deep into it.
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There's a Navi button right on it.......
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Indeed, this does include built-in Navigation. The photo that I labelled "Nav route setup", I thought, conveyed that. ;)


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