Author Topic: FS: Awesome Helix B7 Passat Bi-Projector LED Headlights w/factory ballasts  (Read 5876 times)

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I just traded in my 2015 Passat and my HIDs Led headlights are for sale.
This is made by Helix and the quality is great.
In excellent condition. Used for about a year.
I installed them with original VW factory ballasts. Looks factory and works great.

You will need to disable light bulb save mode with vag com as if you don't then the HIDs will
blink and wont start. Once you disable this feature the ballasts will get full voltage and it will work great.
I can do this for you for free if you buy the headlights as I do have a VCDS software.

Check the pictures and let me know if you have any questions.
I will include all light bulbs including HIDs. This is a plug and play set up.
The LED lights will turn off when turning signal is applied and turn back on when turning signal is off.
Just like factory.

Price is 600$
Call 778 882 7147