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I've been searching for a while and can't come up with anything for the front. I called crutchfield but they can only sell me a kit for the rear doors, but they said the front have like a 1.2 inch clearance. while that might be true, the speaker sits in a flange so with an adapter i'm sure it has 2inch+ clearance.

My question is, has anyone done the install? Any sizes/brands that work well?

I found only these adapters and the seller claims they fit the front as well: they look about an inch thick i can ask him to verify..

So right now i'm not sure what depth i can reach with those.

I was looking into something like this for the fronts:

Those seems like a decent kit and i can grab a set of 6.5s for the back and they'll give me the adapter i need.

After wards i'll throw in one of these in the glovebox to power them:

Any advice appreciated.
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Re: Aftermarket speakers in a mk5 jetta
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Well, if you plan on doing it, be ready for a tough time. I got some adapters from ebay that the seller assured me are for mk5 and will fit.. well:

That was BS and they do not, i found some on ebay that looked like they would but shipping 50$ for pair... would've ended up costing me 80 with everything, so i decided to try something else. Other than of course bitching at the seller who sold me these..

With some help from my dad and his tools, we cut the old speaker out:

And ended up with a nice clean shell and the connector.

My speakers came with some rings, i think most do, which i cut up the inside of and split it:

I then used some speaker sealer (looks like a rubbery, putty-like, double sided tape) and placed this inside the casing:

drilled some holes straight down, and used bolts with nuts to connect the speaker, siliconed around it for a tight seal.

And here's the back:

I then soldered the wires to the connector and done.

I sadly did not do a clean job when taking out the rivets since i had no intention of using the old one for anything, so i will add some washers and rivet it back to the door.

I got some acoustic fibre and professional deadener from my friends work and i will finish putting it back in tomorrow and take some pictures.

The stock speakers are pretty poor quality, so if you have the tools and time, a replacement is worth doing. Took me about 1.5 hrs to do that one, mostly because i had to figure it out. I used an oversized 6.5" speaker, it would've worked without the ring i sliced, just use the speaker sealer and bolt it down, should be fine. Place some silicone as well for good measure, you want it to be perfectly sealed.

Hope this helps someone..
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