Author Topic: Ignition lock cylinder help!  (Read 476 times)

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Ignition lock cylinder help!
« on: Apr 29, 19, 12:19 »
Ok I'm having an issue with my 2007 GTI. The same thing happened to my 2007 rabbit a few months ago. All of a sudden the key gets very hard to turn the car over (sticky/stiff) and it got so bad on my rabbit while I was waiting to get the car in to get the job done, the key literally broke in the ignition! Obviously that was then a much more expensive repair and I'd prefer not to have to deal with that again!

The part is readily available through the dealer, but I've called about four dealers and three local shops and the soonest anybody can get me in is Friday. But this means the car can leave me stranded any day, and I am all over the lower mainland so I can't be stranded out in Langley or something! ( I live in South Van).

Apparently it's a 90 minute job, not overly intensive, but beyond my scope of ability!

So I guess my question is either does anybody out there have the skill-set to tackle this job (according to the parts guy this is a pretty common failure on the mark 5) - or know of a  shop that can tackle this kind of thing much sooner than the end of the week! From my experience when it happened before with my rabbit, there's no way this will make it that long :(

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!