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Hesitation and jumping issue
« on: Jun 03, 18, 22:31 »
I have had my R for about 4 years now. Only 115,000km on it.

Every so often when I am driving the will feel like it is not getting gas and will lose power. This only happens for a second which causes it to jump the the RPM to fluctuate. It is really annoying and sometimes dangerous when turning an intersection. Also when at a stop light the rpms will drop to about 200 for a second and then come back up.

There is no fault codes that show up or CEL. I have had the fuel filter replaced, the fuel pump, new spark plugs.

Has any one had these issues or does anyone have any suggestions on what to look at?



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Re: Hesitation and jumping issue
« Reply #1 on: Jun 04, 18, 07:20 »
Sounds like it could be the crank position sensor. Had similar symptoms on my mk5 rabbit and it eventually threw a code that pointed to the crank position sensor.