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For sale is my 2007 VW GTI.

First the bad. The car is not running. All due to a failure in the head, that seized the head and snapped the timing belt. I know this because this is findings from a shop I have it checked out. Bottom End spins freely. The head rotates a few degrees and stops. No explosions, no smoke, no jerking, no leaks, the car just died on the highway. Why did the head fail? Iím not sure. I'm not an expert on engines. I truly donít know the extent of the damage because I donít have the time nor do I want to spend the money to explore and find out.  This car wasnít my daily for the last 3 years with any of these major mods and wasnít raced with these mods. And it was babied. All happened cruising down the highway one evening. Other personal things became a priority and I need to move on. I can share who built the car for serious inquiries.

Secondly the car is a rebuilt status. Caused by a front end hit. Car was rebuilt very well and doesnít affect the car in any way. Can go into details for series inquires.

Now onto the cool stuff. The block/head/body has about 135,XXXKM. On the engine rebuild, it has about 5000-6000KMís. I had the engine rebuilt because I wanted a piece of mind running the stage 3 APR kit. And wanted to use the 94OCT with confidence. I have all the receipts for all the major modifications done on the car all totaling over 30K(parts and labor) over the past 2 years or so.

Sorry, I donít have that many interior photos, I can assure you it's super mint. 9.5/10

Parts list:

Malone Tuning Custom Tune and DSG Tune.
APR stage 3 GTX2867r Gen 1 kit
APR Turbo Manifold
APR Fuel Injector Kit
APR Runner Flap delete
APR Intercooler
APR Downpipe
APR RSC exhaust with reso delete. ( will come with resonator if want to reinstall)
APR Ported Head
All APR hardware on the motor
NGK Spark Plugs
OEM 2.0T Coil packs - also comes with brand new R8 Packs.
Integrated Engineering Rods
JE Pistons -stock bore
Mahle Bearings
Integrated Engineering Valve Train
Integrated Engineering Intake Manifold
Ferrera Intake valves
Ferrera Exhaust Valves
H2 Sport cam Follower Kit
DIY intake
Oil catch can - Brand name escapes me at the moment.

235/40/18 Advan Neova AD08R 85% (Advan stickers removed, only brand name sticker remains)
Neuspeed RSe52 18x8 +45 (no curbage, 1 wheel has a scratch)
Stoptech ST40 355mm floating rotors
Quaife ATB Helical LSD Differential
Forodo Pads all around
MK5 R32 rear brake swap
H&R Sway bars front and rear
Bilstein PSS10. ( rear right shock started leaking. Oldest mod on the car with over 70K on them, but still rides great and dampers adjust well)

Ebay Edition 30 MK5 rep Lip.
LED fog lights with proper lens.
Very mint paint. Car stored indoors all its life. Regularly washed, waxed and sealed.
Very minor dent on the rear hatch, hard to see unless looking at it right.
Comes with a spare wheel. BBS CH wheel.
Tint in all rear windows.

Mostly stock. Have generic shift paddle extensions. Monster matts all around.
Newsouth Performance gauce pod
Newsouth performance Oil Temp Gauge
Newsouth Performance Exhaust Temp Gauge
Newsouth Performance Boost Gauge

Iím too sure how much my car is worth when its not running, and I know Iíll never recoup the money I spent on this car. It would be great as a parts car for another MK5 fellow owners or a project to take on. I would like to sell as a whole since I donít have time to part this thing out and I need the space ASAP.

So let's start at $5500

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and hope to hear from you.

Photos of the Car
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