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2006 Jetta 2.0T FSI - 6spd Manual
« on: May 30, 17, 09:53 »
For sale is my current daily driver:

Silver 2006 VW Jetta
2.0T, 6spd manual
224,XXXkm and currently going up as I daily drive it

Recent maintenance:

Oil change
New serpentine belt
Spark plugs
Air filter
New blower motor and resistor (common issue on these models)
New Front control arm bushings (both and front and rear)


"Basically a GLI", just missing the cosmetics.
Grey Leather interior
Fully loaded, sunroof, power everything. Keyless entry, heated seats, etc, etc.
Newish tires (215/35/18) on aftermarket 18" rims
Comes with factory 17" rims - can mount winter tires on to make change overs easy
Body in great shape, no rust or damage
Installed a Bluetooth adapter to integrate your phone or iPod with the OEM factory stereo which works very well.


Drivers seat belt does not retract, you need to manually roll it back up
Airbag light is on, supposedly from either one of two things 1. Dead battery in one of the key fobs, or 2. Moisture got into the seat belt buckle. I don't have the VW scanner to clear this light to see if it comes back.

[update: I am having the car scanned by a buddy and will hopefully clear the airbag light to see if the problem comes back]


Someone broke my mirror off while I was getting my hair cut, still haven't found a replacement that isn't $$$, but will try to replace before it's sold.

Currently tracking down an issue with the electric cooling fans, but will be sourcing a module and have fixed prior to sale.

I've never actually owned and daily'd VW before, this was my first one and surprisingly was a pleasant experience. It drives quite well, has some good power when needed and still gets 500km around the city. I've tended to all the issues that have come up, performed all the required maintenance and it has been extremely reliable in the couple months I've been driving it.

Only reason for selling is that I have 3 other cars, and have recently plated my truck for summer activities. This is no longer needed and would like to see someone else be able to utilise it, rather than sit around.

Asking $6500, this price is negotiable within reason. The MK5 market seems to bounce around a bunch in prices, I think with the recent maintenance done to the car, that this is a fair starting point.

PM is key, as I don't frequent the actual board that often. Thanks!

 - Anthony


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Re: 2006 Jetta 2.0T FSI - 6spd Manual
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Re: 2006 Jetta 2.0T FSI - 6spd Manual
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Bump still for sale... someone make me a reasonable offer.