Author Topic: Intermittent Rattle / Hesitation From Stop & Shift From 1st to 2nd  (Read 997 times)

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I have a 2004 GLS 2.0 Manual.

I have had a lot of work done on it through a reputable shop, but unfortunately since replacing the catalytic converter I have noticed two things that were not present before.

1. There is a mechanical whine when I accelerate. Its hard to describe...there is the normal sound of the engine revving up (no intake or exhaust to alter the sound), but also sort of a weed whacker undertone that exits too - and I know it wasn't there before the cat went in. They checked out all the connections and apparently everything is fine. I also took it for a drive with a tech in the passenger seat, but he said he couldn't hear it. It stands out like a sore thumb to me - but I have been driving it for two years - so easier for me to pick up on the difference I guess.

2. More recently, and the shop hasn't had a chance to evaluate yet, I get a rattle / shudder under my feet when I accelerate from a stop and then when I shift from 1st to 2nd. The annoying thing is it only happens maybe 10% of the time, almost always after 10-15 mins of driving, but can come and go from one stoplight to the next. When it does happen, it feels like the car is holding back a bit definitely feels unhealthy.

Hoping this is maybe something someone else has experienced in this vehicle before to speed up the troubleshooting process - as sporadic issues can be such a pain for a shop to diagnose. Other than the catalytic converter, I also had the fuel filter replaced (engine bay, not gas tank) recently. The clutch was replaced as well, but several months before this started to happen. It also has a short shifter, but again, that was installed months before this started (but almost all the entry level components associated to shifting have been replaced with new less than 5,000kms ago).



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OEM full bolt-in cat assembly, or did they cut and weld in an aftermarket cat? If you had no issues before they replaced the cat, and didn't change anything after the cat, I'd hazard a guess something with the cat is amiss.
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Shop says it was a Bosal cat, it appeared to be a full OEM replacement from what I saw in the box.

I felt it would be the cat as well, but what do you think might be causing the rattle / hesitation, but only sometimes? If the cat was clogged or faulty, wouldn't the issue be more persistent and exist through all gears?