Author Topic: Upgraded turbo compressor surge  (Read 401 times)

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Upgraded turbo compressor surge
« on: Jun 06, 19, 20:57 »
I had to replace my k03 and wasnít wanting to go big turbo so I went with a unitronic stage 2+ tune and tt injectors with the Turbo concepts Dzx-183 stage 3 turbo. I had the wastegate pressure adjusted to 8psi recommended by a shop to not throw a rod. Now since Iíve installed the turbo itís made a really bad chopping noise if I give half throttle pretty much in any gear itís as if the turbo is building boost then the wastegate closes and opens and I get a bad chopping noise as if the compressor is surging. I own vag com and have not thrown any codes. I have replaced the n75 with a j race valve or whtever the hell they call it as well as a yellow spring in the 007 diverter valve. Iím still getting the chopping at half throttle at wide open throttle I do not notice it. Next Iím thinking mayby the map sensor. Anyone ever had similar issues and what can be done to
Fix this.