Author Topic: Mk4 gti 2.0 aeg misfire  (Read 668 times)

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Mk4 gti 2.0 aeg misfire
« on: Nov 20, 18, 22:00 »
Been chasing down a misfire on my 00 gti aeg 2.0
The car had a intermitant slightly rough idle when we bought it ,
Changed all the usual 2.0 crap, plugs wires coil, fuel filter valve cover gasket, cleaned maf and TBmostly for preventative but also hoping it would clear up the misfire/rough idle, nothing changed, ran injector cleaner thru it and again no change, the car has finally coded out with p1582, idle adaptation at limit has anyone ever run it to this issue or able to offer any advice?


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Re: Mk4 gti 2.0 aeg misfire
« Reply #1 on: Nov 20, 18, 22:33 »
If you scan with VCDS, MVB 01-08-15/16, can you see a specific cylinder misfiring, or is it completely random? Checked all vacuum lines? Fuel pressure? EVAP valve?

Misfire only at idle, but not while driving? Hot? Cold? Checked compression?
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