Author Topic: Looking to buy another keyfob  (Read 497 times)

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Looking to buy another keyfob
« on: May 09, 19, 12:00 »
Hi, I have a MKIV jetta and one of my Fob's doesn't work so good. I replaced the battery which fixed the issue for a couple of months, but now it won't unlock the car. It will unlock the hatch though. So I am using my other fob. I want to get another fob (no key) to replace the faulty one. VW quoted $220 plus $90 programming. Is that my only choice? Any local shops (JS?) that can also do it?

My car was broken into last year through the lock, so I epoxied that up.


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Re: Looking to buy another keyfob
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 19, 06:28 »
Ebay, Amazon, FixmyVW, etc.....Google search. 
Programming for the Key is for ignition pill and not for the keyless entry part

I thin kI bought one on Amazon from Keyless2go for about $25 shipped.