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1.8T No Communication w ECM
« on: May 27, 19, 23:25 »
Well it happened....
 Have a friends 2001 Beetle with an AWV 1.8T, car idled fine but around 2-3000rpm even under no load it would misfire. Swapped coils around and the miss stayed with the same cylinders. Plugs were replaced and when reinstalling the metal bracket that sits over the coils I noticed an arc/spark off the black wire on Cyl #2. I figured now need a complete harness to the coils, no biggie, Ive heard there was a TSB on these cars as well regarding that harness. But when I went to start the car and it cranks but no start. I checked all the engine fuses and they have no power. I'm unable to scan the ECM with my "generic" scanner and there is no "check engine light" on when the ignition is turned on, which leads me to believe the ECM isn't getting power. Scanner lights up just no communication and it worked prior to the arcing. Relays checked and they click when I put power to them. I haven't checked it they get power yet from the harness side.

 I guess my question(s) is;
 Has anyone had this experience?
 Is it just a short to ground in that harness?
 Is the ECM toast?
 Anyone have any info on that TSB?
 Where can I get the harness besides dealer?

 Yes, it does have an aftermarket radio, and I'll try removing that first to see what happens w the scanner. I'm just about to tear into it but want a second/third/fourth opinion... Thank!


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Re: 1.8T No Communication w ECM
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 19, 10:07 »
Check every fuse. The black wire you saw arcing has a key on power for the coils and ecm (why did you have the key on while swapping parts?)
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Re: 1.8T No Communication w ECM
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 19, 22:28 »
All fuses for engine have no power. As for the ignition being on, to be honest I donít think it was. Or at least if it was it wasnít on purpose. All the grounds to the coils are cracked along with  the one black wire with a purple tracer. Iím not optimistic that the ECM survived.