Author Topic: FS: Stage 2 tuned ECU for 1.8t AWW/AWP Manual Trans  (Read 421 times)

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Like the Title says. It is an SSP Tune and Greg mentioned the details as such:

Car supposedly makes 230WHP / 250 WTQ @ 19PSI.


93/94 Octane Tune
Launch Control 2 Step @ 4500RPM
No Lift Shift @ 5500RPM
Rear O2 Delete (P0420 delete, no CEL for O2 threshold)
Immo Delete (Can re-enable)
MAF Optional (Can run BOV and no MAF if you want)


Plugs gapped @ .028
3" Downpipe
Upgraded DV
94 Chevron fuel runs best but american 93 is also v good
Upgraded ignition coils (optional)

I have moved on to a custom tune for the mods I now have and this ecu is out of the car ready to go. It's a really aggressive tune for 19 pounds, LOTS of fun to drive but not going to burn up your turbo like some of these guys running 22-25 psi to get the same numbers.

Text for fastest response @ 778 228 2280

Thanks for looking. -josh