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1998 jetta glx vr6 windsor blue $2200
« on: Dec 20, 14, 17:06 »
1998 Jetta GLX
Windsor Blue
12V VR6
5 speed
sunroof (no leaks)
tan interior (yeah, I know)
turn key purchase, ready to insure.
267,xxx kms.

Brand new tires. Toyo Extensa. 205/50R15

timing chains are nice and quiet

My jetta has been parked since December 2014. Purchased a new vehicle.

Mechanical: all engine work was completed in december 2013

replaced battery
Replaced head gasket (and all related gaskets)
Plugs and Wires
Replaced crack pipe, thermostat AND thermostat housing
replaced water pump

June 2014- serviced rear brakes. Pads, rotors, calipers and bearings
November 2014- replaced oil flange gasket (fresh oil and filter change as well.) coolant flush as well.
January 2015- replaced heater core.

Paint and body:

In july 2014 the passenger door and panel were kissed by a motor home. Jetta was parked, motor home scraped the side of it with its bumper. The damage was cosmetic, there was no structural damage. I replaced the door and the panel was repaired. I'm an automotive painter, so it only made sense to do a complete paint job while it was in the shop. Once the initial paint work was completed I sanded down the clear and applied an additional 2 coats. Do a full wet-sand and polish and you got yourself a mirror on wheels.

On the less fortunate side the rockers were rusty. I chemically treated with rust-mort and applied a through coating of wax oil. In our climate this will slow down the rust for a few years. Especially if the winter we had this year becomes a trend. This may be a deal breaker for some, but not exactly a surprise for a 17 year old vehicle.

Odds and ends:
there are gremlins in the rear windows. Once and awhile if you roll them down they roll right back up for some reason. Might be the switch, might be the regulator, I didn't carry passengers often so I was content to leave it as it is.

A/c could use a recharge.

E-brake needs adjusting

I just finished replacing the heater core. If you're at all familiar with VW's I don't need to tell you how much of an under-taking this is. When I topped up the coolant I noticed the air wasn't blowing as hot as it should be. Im positive there's air trapped in the system, a full coolant flush will remedy this. It warms things up nicely and keeps the windows nice and clear though.

Fog-lights need a bulb change. A simple task, unless you're a volkswagen owner.

When the heater core packed it in, coolant dumped all over the floor on the passenger side. I vaccumed the crap out of the floor and had an industrial fan on the carpets for a couple of days. The floors are dry now but the inside still has condensation on the windows. This will clear up once the warmer weather comes around.

air-bag light comes and goes. common for mk3 vw's

deleted the SAI (secondary air intake)

I drove this car around for a solid year. It never let me down until the heater-core packed it in. at that point we were in the middle of a cold snap so I threw my hands in the air and bought a new car. This will make a solid daily driver, or a first vehicle for your kid. If I may say it's an excellent starting platform for an enthusiast to take it from mild to wild.

Emails replied to promptly, come check it out anytime. If I see enough interest i'll throw a plate on it for test drives next weekend.

Please, please, please no low-ballers.
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Re: 1998 jetta glx vr6 windsor blue
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Re: 1998 jetta glx vr6 windsor blue
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You forgot the price.


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Re: 1998 jetta glx vr6 windsor blue $2200
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Bump! Super crazy price drop!!!


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Re: 1998 jetta glx vr6 windsor blue $2200
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Re: 1998 jetta glx vr6 windsor blue $2200
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link to pics added!

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Re: 1998 jetta glx vr6 windsor blue $2200
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emailed but still no reply