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Suspension help needed
« on: Mar 16, 18, 23:17 »
Hey all,

So my car is a 1992 Jetta GTX. Currently it sits on JOM coilovers but i have always somewhat disliked them so I bought a brand new H&R Sport Cup kit and all new hardware, bump stops and dust boots.

So I'm having a few difficulties.

1) I can't seem to slide the new bumpstops all the way over the shock absorber shaft on the front shocks. I can get the shaft most of the way throughout it won't go all the way. Diameter of the bump stop is actually narrower at the top where I am trying to push it through. Any tips? The shaft compresses into the shock body when I push down on it, making this a bit tougher. See pic 1 and 2.

2) On the rear assembly, on the EKTA diagram there is a part referred to as 'underlay' (VW part number 321 512 109). Kristian didn't ship me this part nor do I have a part I can harvest from the JOM assembly, BUT, the H&R spring seats quite nicely on the perch and it doesn't look like anything else would fit there. Does my new H&R assembly still require this 'underlay'? See pic 3.

3) The kit came with these two metal rings that look like spacers. There is nothing in the box as far as instructions. Does anyone have any idea what these might be for? See pic 4.

I did call H&R before I bought the kit and I found them less than knowledgeable, so I thought I would try here. If all else fails I guess I'll call them back and hope I get a better product advisor.

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Re: Suspension help needed
« Reply #1 on: Jun 22, 18, 08:55 »
Did you ever get this figured out?
I have this same set-up on my '89 Jetta and can give you some pointers...


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Re: Suspension help needed
« Reply #2 on: Jun 22, 18, 09:06 »
Yes I did. The spacers go underneath the rear spring perches. It gives you an extra 1 in the back. I installed them and Im glad I did.