Author Topic: Need a MK2 Golf Passenger Rear Quarter Window!  (Read 1113 times)

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Looking for MK2 Golf Right (passenger) rear quarter window as ours broken in break-in. Our seal is in great condition so if anyone just had the glass window that works.

Have already called all around island and Lower Mainland to all the wreckers with no results: (PIck a Park, Malahat, Gordon's, Empire, Autobahn, Autohaus in Burnaby, Evolved in PoCo).

Andre 6-zero-4 8(three)7 2[nine][9](five)

We're in Vancouver. On another note our MK2 golf only has 150,000 km on the original engine and we're looking to sell in the next couple months to a better MK2 steward. Pretty rare to still find one this low. 4 cylinder original gas engine.