Author Topic: MK2 Shop, Mobile Mechanic or Side Project Mechanic in Vanouver for my MK2  (Read 756 times)

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Varsity, George & Bernies and the other shop @ 12th and Arbutus all now closed permanently in Kitsilano. New owners at Rudy and Peter's aren't interested in MK2s which just leaves Adria and Tremblay Motors who may touch MK2s in Vancouver.

I've got a 180,000 (yes!) 91 Golf MK2 I use as a low mileage driver. It has been a 5000 km/year car all it's life in Vancouver.

Curious if there is anyone here who has a home garage in Lower Mainland and wants to make some $$ helping us to do a bunch of needed fixes to our MK2 Golf. Maybe you are a mobile mechanic? Former MK2 owner?  What it needs in order of importance is:

1) Brake Light "electrical signal/switch" just stopped sending signal to dual-beam tail lights to turn on second filiament for brake lights. Fuses and dual-filament bulbs fine.
2) Can't get into 5th gear in gearbox anymore. Original Clutch. I understand an overhaul of the 4th/5th gears is super common, not a gearbox replacment. Gearbox needs to come out apparently
3) Backup lights 'electrical signal/switch" stopped working. Bulbs fine. Probably the 'signal/switch" down at the gearbox to be fixed with gearbox overhaul
4) Heater stopped generating heat. Maybe a heater core replace? Fan fine.
5) Could do with replacing all 4 struts around the car. Just a bolt on the top and bolt on the bottom but bottom bolts potentially rusty and may need to be blowtorch-cut off?
6) Front windshield has quite a few cracks so could use replacing.

I could help source all the parts. Worked with the guys at VW Autohaus for parts for years. I've done a pop-out window before but understand front windshield is a different beast so could really use a glass shop for that. Seperately I've got a large Delica van so could source and deliver a used front windshield. Not a car mechanic, but a bike mechanic and have figured out a lot of things on my MK2 over the years.

Know these MK2s are so simple to work on.

Let me know. Andre - downtown Vancouver. Text is best! 6x4 8(three)7 2(nine)9[five]

Stephan Schmidt

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Try Adira & Tremblay as you said.  Also check out Continental motors in Vancouver on 4th / Burrard.

Just because the MK2's are simple, doesn't mean they aren't a pain to work on or cheap to fix.

All the best!


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Thanks Stephan! Talked to Adria, they still work on a lot of MK2s they said. Tremblay works on a bit of everything so will likely try out Adria. My lady has used Tremblay a few times and has good things to say, they are just a bit more a generalist

Anyone have any thoughts on Continental? Probably driven/ridden by them hundreds of times without thinking of using them when Blenheim, Varsity and George & Bernies were all still in business. I'm in the West End so it is literally a 5 minute drive to Continental.....


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Update for anyone else looking. Phoned Continental and they don't work on MK2s anymore so that pretty much leaves Adria as the mechanic that seems to work on them the most in Vancouver.


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You can try Ingo at IB Motors



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Thanks. We used Adria. They seemed really great. Filled to the brim with VWs! I guess that is what happens when you loose Bleinhem Motors, Varsity Motors and George and Bernies in a few years.