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heres my craigslist add so you can see pictures:  Do you guys know how to post pictures on here? Is there a way?
90 Volkswagen Passat GL, 2L16V engine, manual transmission 02A hydraulic clutch 5 speed, 4 doors, trunk, power steering, tilt steering. $1900
I bought this car from a friend, he had the engine rebuilt, new rings and bearings, rebuilt and machined cylinder head, valve seats, guides and valves all new, work was done by TER machine shop, new valves, guides, head gaskets, etc. I am trying to see if he has reciepts for work done. If not, you can call him for proof. I have put Alot of time and effort into this car. My friend said he spent thousands on engine rebuild and all parts, close to 10 thousand.
The car runs strong, there is no rust on it, its mechanically sound, brakes and shocks are good. The car has had maybe 2500 kms since rebuild.

Fresh complete engine rebuild
New alternator
New remote oil cooler put in
K&N Air Filter
New Headers, made by Techtonics Tuning I believe.
New Clutch put in.
New clutch cylinder
New Engine Mounts
New Coolant Hoses
New Water Pump
I replaced:
NGK spark plug wires
New Rear Shocks, Monroe Sensitrac
New Exhaust back, 2 1/4", new muffler DynoMax
New Oil and Filter just changed, 15w40 Oil
New heater core, puts out good heat now.
New alternator belt
I replaced the fuel injection pump with good unit
No head liner, it was sagging so removed it, sunroof does not open.
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