Author Topic: 2900$-1990 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.6 DIESEL 50 MPG, 2-Door, 5 Speed, 441k, CD-Player.  (Read 1575 times)

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after 10 years its time to sell the trusty old Naturally Aspirated Diesel Golf. In the last 6-months I have spent about 1600$ on the car and I have an Inch or more of receipts going back since its purchase. The car comes with three totes of spare parts including interior parts, grill, lights, blinkers, all sorts of switches, vacuum pump, front engine mount, power steering reservoir, coolant reservoirs and tons of coolant lines and some body parts as well. Treated with diesel treat every month and warmed up every morning.
The car has and aftermarket tachometer and oil pressure gauge as well. Comes with Snowflake rims and and a set of 14-inch snow tires on VW mags as well, and another pair of 14 Inch snow tires off rim. All tires and wheels have good tread and rubber.Car has a full sized spare. Aftermarket Speakers and cd player and Alarm with key fob.
Recent Repairs Include.
-Engine Rebuild and timing belt, Clutch only 70,000k ago
-Water Pump, Thermostat, Coolant system This Year
-Radiator, CV Joints, Tie Rods, Control arms and Bushings, Trailing arm Bushings, 4 Wheel Alignment
-Front suspension towers, springs and rear shocks and towers
-New battery, stabilizer links, cv boots, fuel filter, glow plug
-Front and Rear brakes hoses, Brakes at 80%+ with replacement in last 20,000k
-Regular Oil Changes with Shell 15-40w
As far as issues with the vehicle. It has some nicks and scratches here and there but can be expected for its age. One of the door locks only from the inside and  there is a slight oil drip from the pan.


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With that price. Good luck on your sale!
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do these engines normally require engine rebuilds by 4xx thousand km?


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From my experience usually rings are needed. Other than that they are stout
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